-Festoon Golf Ball Solar Lights featuring 20 bulbs, the set are designed with a solar panel which is impressively energy efficient.

-Dimensions: Lighting length: 5.7m Total length: 8.7m

-Plug to first bulb: 3m

-Distance between each bulb: 30cm

-Each bulb: H9.5 x Diameter 4.5cm

-Solar Panel: H7 x W7cmSpike and Solar Panel: H22cm Spike: Diameter 2cm

-Bulbs and wire are weatherproof

-IP44 rated for outdoor use

-Class 3 Construction

-20x G45 bulbs. Each bulb has 1 LED inside (non-replaceable)

-One dead LED will not affect the others

-LED colour: Warm White Not dimmable

-Lifespan: 5,000 hours

-Each bulb comes with a loop that can be hooked/fixed onto outdoor poles or fences

Solar Festoon Lights