-The covers are removable and are fully machine washable, as are the insides which are made up of 2 x separate spiral fibre super-squidgy 15 tog duvets that can also be machine washed and are guaranteed not to go lumpy.

-All of our beds have a fleecy underside to keep the warmth in, and to give them the bonus feature of being double sided. This is an amazingly versatile bed – stylish, elegant, cool and very very functional. And what’s more, it’s designed and hand made in the UK. --Small – 24 x 26″ (great for cats, yorkies, chiuhahas)

-Medium – 26 x 34″ (perfect for jack russels to springer spaniels)

-Large – 34 x 42″ (we drew round a labrador to get the perfect retriever sized bed!)

Personalised Pet Bed