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Loving Neutrals is No Mistake

Updated: Feb 29

At Salt and Steel we believe that loving neutrals is no mistake.

Both humans and animals alike are naturally drawn to earthy hues and textures that link us with nature and the natural environment. We are greatly influenced by our surrounding area. Notice how a neutral room can instantly make us feel calm and soothed? Why do we instinctively want to reach out and touch a texture that catches our eye?

For billions of years, living creatures have built dwellings from natural materials crafting intricate nests and elaborate burrows. For over 6 million years our ancestors have done the same thing; constructing dwellings from materials such as stone, wood, earth and plants. All done for practical purpose and emotional benefit.

We have preferences to be in beautiful, natural spaces because they are resource-rich environments—ones that provide optimal food, shelter, and comfort. These evolutionary needs may explain why children are drawn to natural environments and why we prefer nature/natural elements to be part of our architecture.

Look around your home. Which hues and materials make you FEEL good? Chances are the more natural materials win hands down.....and it's no mistake.

Neutral bed linen with rustic plastered wall, plant and books


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