Get Set for Autumn

As we say farewell to the last of the summer sun it's time to get your home prepped for the Autumn season.

Autumn is my all time favourite season as it represents warmth, soft lighting, gorgeous autumnal scents, light knitted throws and cosy cushions.

There are small changes you can make to your room for the new season. Try changing wall art for an instant fix. Changing wall art for the season is a clever way to update your room bringing the outside elements in.

Foraging in nature is another way to bring the autumn into our rooms. Bring home autumnal leaf stems, twigs and seasonal flowers. Display them in oversized vases in each room and scatter a few conkers and miniature pumpkins at the base of the vase. By bringing in small changes it helps us feel cosy and secure as the nights draw in.

Use warmer textiles to layer on beds, chairs and sofas. Our cushions look great mixed with throws, fur and other cushions.

Change rugs to soft wool or faux fur adding warmth under foot. Have a peek at our rugs for inspiration.

Swapping some of your decorative items on shelving and in cabinets can instantly change a room too. Put away summer themed floral and white pieces and change to darker textural pieces.

How about displaying logs in an open fireplace or corner. You don't even need a fire to do this one!

Soft lighting and candles always make a room cosy. Try burning seasonal scents and adding candles to each room. Instead of main lighting try using soft side lights to instantly calm and relax.

Styling an interior should be fun and easy and we're hoping that these easy tips will help you stage your home ready for the new season.